Academic Year 2011/2012 MASTER ON THE MANAGEMENT OF THE INVASIVE ALIEN SPECIES (STRIVE) The Department of Evolutionary Biology of the University of Florence (Italy), under the patronage of the Province of Florence and of the "Invasive Species Specialist Group" of the IUCN (, organizes a specilizing master course on the management of IAS. The master course, leaded by Prof. Francesa Gherardi, titles: "Strategies and methods to manage IAS", and is aimed to provide scientific tools and methodologies to tackle the problems associated to the presence of IAS. The announcement to participate to the master course gives explanations and information about the procedure to follow to apply. Subscriptions are submitted to selection candidates' titles, and subscription prices ranges between 800 and 1.000 euros. Application deadline is February 29, 2012. Have a look to the application form (fac-simile domanda).

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25 November 2011 ANIMALS FROM ANOTHER WORLD Inquiry by the newspaper "La Repubblica" about the Italian alien species and the damages they cause. By Valerio Gualerzi.

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La Republlica

3 November 2011 RARITY NEWSLETTER ONLINE Published online the first issue of the Rarity Newsletter.

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November 2011 PROGRAMMI RICERCA UNIONE EUROPEA (PRU€) The technical and legal service of ISPRA, in collaboration with the "Servizio Progetto Speciale Fondi Comunitari" started a new tool to know the European politics and the opportunities in the field of research and protection of marine, coastal and inland waters. This new tool consists of the "Bollettino Trimestrale sui finanziamenti alla ricerca nel settore della tutela delle acque". The publication reports news and information about European and international meetings, financing programmes by the EU, international mobility of research scientists, and updated happenings in the cited field.

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11 November 2011 MEETING "The interactions between climate change and invasive species: risks and opportunities" (Le interazioni tra cambiamento climatico e specie invasive: rischi e opportunità) - Salone degli Scheletri, Museo di Storia Naturale, Sezione di Zoologia "La Specola", Via Romana, 17 - Florence, Italy. The meeting will start at 09:00 a.m..

Brochure and working plan.
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19 September 2011 RARITY KICK OFF

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