dicembre 2012 DIDATTICA PER OPERATORI Published by the financial contribution of the EC within the RARITY porject LIFE 10 NAT/IT/000239, text editing Tiziano Scovacricchi, pp. 88. Now available the handbook summarizing with texts, images, graphics and figures the lessons taken during the RARITY training courses for the volunteer personnell of the Ente Tutela Pesca.


17 December 2012 AGRICOLTURA: GESTIONE ED EFFETTI SUGLI ECOSISTEMI This meeting is addressed to teachers and students of the high schools of the Region FVG with the aim to make them know, discuss and reflect about environmental and scientific research activities carried out in the area and dealing with landscape, climate, and monitoring and protection of land and habitats. The meeting is part of the "progetti regionali speciali". Regione Autonoma FVG, Auditorium, Via Sabbadini, 33100 Udine, from 09:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.. See the brochure of and the photos of the event, and the abstract of the RARITY presentation by dr Tiziano Scovacricchi (CNR-ISMAR).


07 December 2012 RARITY AT THE LIFE ST.A.R. MEETING Dr Massimo Zanetti (ETP) will introduce the RARITY project at the meeting for the presentation of results of the European Life ST.A.R. project realized by the Comune di Rivignano (Udine) on the "Tutela dei boschi umidi appartenenti all'habitat 91E0 Foreste Alluvionali (Alno-Padion, Salicion albae)" (Protection of alluvial forests. Habitat 91E0 (Alno-Padion, Salicion albae). Auditorium Comunale, 08:45 a.m.. See the brochure of the event.


27 November 2012 RARITY MEETS THE HUNTING PRESERVE OF CHIOPRIS-VISCONE Within the frame of a conference titled "The invasive alien species: an underestimated problem. Let's discover them, how they arrive, which huge problems they cause to human health, the environment and the economy, how to manage them, which are the possible solutions." Rarity project meets the game reserve of Chiopris-Viscone to speak about the "Louisiana red swamp crayfish" problem and the Rarity Life project. Rarity speaker will be dr Alessandro Rucli from the Ente Tutela Pesca del FVG. Chiopris (UD), Sala Polifunzionale, Via Sauro, at 20:30. See the pictures of the event.


22 November 2012 GAMBERO ROSSO DELLA LOUISIANA E MINACCE ALLA BIODIVERSITA': IL PROGETTO RARITY AFFRONTA IL PROBLEMA Within a cycle of meetings dealing with alien species, their negative impact on the environment, and their difficult relation with the native species, Rarity will bring its experience to the attention of the public of Spinea (Venice), at the the local CEA (Center for Environmental Education), on November 22nd, 2012 at 20:30. See the brochure and pictures of the event.


22 November 2012 THE "ISTITUTO AGRARIO" OF S. MICHELE ALL'ADIGE VISITS RARITY A delegation from the Istituto agrario of San Michele all'Adige - Fondazione Mach (Francesca Ciutti, Cristina Cappelletti and Filippo Faccenda) has met Rarity. During the meeting comparisons, interactions and issues dealing with the techniques and know-how to produce hatchery-reared juveniles of Austropotamobius pallipes, the development of crayfish habitats' management politics, the contrast to the diffusion of alien species have been deeply discussed. The meeting took place both at the Aquarium of Ariis and at the ETP crayfish hatcheries in S. Vito al Tagliamento (PN) and Amaro (UD). See pictures.


9 November 2012 1st THEMATIC MEETING FOR STAKEHOLDERS - DIFFUSIONE DEL GAMBERO ROSSO DELLA LOUISIANA IN FVG: PROBLEMATICHE ECOLOGICO-SANITARIE E POSSIBILI STRATEGIE DI INTERVENTO (The diffusion of the Louisiana red swamp crayfish in FVG: the ecological-sanitary problems and the possible intervention strategies) First RARITY thematic meeting for stakeholders (professional and sport fishermen, fishermen organizations, public sanitary agencies, fish and water product traders and dealers, aquaculture farmers, and every other subject havuìing influence over economical initiatives such as clients, suppliers, sponsors, collaborators, other stakeholders). The meeting will be held at the Palazzo dell'Auditorium della Regione FVG, Via Roma 2, 33170 Pordenone, Friday 09 November 2012 at 18:00. See the brochure of the event.

27 October 2012 IL PROGETTO EUROPEO LIFE RARITY. IL GAMBERO ROSSO DELLA LOUISIANA: MINACCIA PER L'AMBIENTE, LA BIODIVERSITA', LA SALUTE UMANA E ANIMALE (The Life Rarity project. The Louisiana red swamp crayfish: threat to the environment, biodiversity and the animal and human health.) Dr Tiziano Scovacricchi (CNR-ISMAR, Venice) and Dr Giorgio De Luise (ETP consultant) illustrate RARITY to the students of the University of Padua, Faculty of Veterinary Sciences, School of specialization in farming, hygiene, pathology of aquatic species and in the inspection of transformed products, visiting the Aquarium of Ariis, Saturday 27 October 2012, at 10:00 a.m.. See the programme and the pics of the event.

17 & 24 October 2012 RARITY EXPLAINED TO THE STUDENTS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF THE THIRD AGE OF THE "CODROIPESE", SECTION OF RIVIGNANO (UDINE) During two classes titled "Native and alien species" and"The European Life RARITY project ", Dr Tiziano Scovacricchi, from CNR-ISMAR, Venice, talks about RARITY to the students of the University of the Third Age of the "Codroipese", Section of Rivignano (Udine). Scuola Media Statale di Rivignano, Via Aldo Moro, 1 - Rivignano (Udine). 17 and 24 October 2012, from 17:00 to 18:00. Further info and details:

11 October 2012 THE "ISTITUTO ZOOPROFILATTICO SPERIMENTALE DELL'ABRUZZO" VISITS RARITY Rarity hosted dr Riccardo Caprioli, dr Carla Giansante and Mr Mirco Brandiferro from the Istituto zooprofilattico sperimentale dell'Abruzzo e del Molise. They were interested to know more about and to discuss the project procedures for the reproduction of A. pallipes. The meeting took place at ETP premise and at the ETP crayfish hatcheries in S. Vito al Tagliamento (PN) and Amaro (UD). See pictures.

24-27 September 2012 THE CONTROL OF CRUSTACEAN REPRODUCTION: MANAGEMENT OF THE ALIEN SPECIES Procambarus clarkii (Project RARITY Life 10 Nat/It/000239) Oral communication by Piero Giulianini et al., 73rd National Congress of the Unione Zoologica Italiana, Florence, Italy. See: the paper's cover; full presentation.

24-27 September 2012 THE ONLINE AQUARIUM TRADE AS SOURCE OF ALIEN SPECIES IN ITALY Poster by Mazza G., Aquiloni L., Giovannelli F., Inghilesi A.F., Tricarico E. & Gherardi F. (UNIFI), 73° Congresso Nazionale dell'Unione Zoologica Italiana, Florence.


20 September 2012 RESTOCKING OF RESURGENT WATERS OF CODROIPO (UDINE) WITH THE WHITE-FOOTED CRAYFISH Austropotamobius pallipes Within the TG3 evening news (on the 24.09.2012) the Italian television RAI3 FVG broadcasted a video about RARITY and the activities under ETP coordination. The video dealt with the actions to contrast the diffusion of the Louisiana red swamp crayfish and to enhance the native river crayfish populations. The release in the wild of some hundred hatchery-reared juveniles produced at the ETP farming plant of S. Vito al Tagliamento (Pordenone) has been shown. The event, which took place on 20.09.2012, has been attended by the volunteer technicians of the plant Eligio Giusti e Renato Limati, Dr Giorgio De Luise (ETP consultant for this specific Rarity action), the President and the Director of ETP Mr Loris Saldan and Dr Paolo Stefanelli, respectively, ETP councillors and volunteers. Furthermore, release operations have been attended by Dr Stefano Grignolio, from Astrale GEIE - Timesis, Italian monitor of the RARITY project in behalf of the EC. See the pictures of the event.

12-15 September 2012 COMPORTAMENTO SESSUALE IN UN CONTESTO SOCIALE NEL GAMBERO INVASIVO Procambarus clarkii Poster by Aquiloni L., Mazza G., Inghilesi A.F., Duse M. & Gherardi F. (UNIFI), XXV Convegno della Società Italiana di Etologia, Viterbo and Tarquinia.


August 2012 PROTEC & RARITY TOGETHER FOR THE CINEMA Within Rarity it is scheduled the production of a movie which will illustrate the "Louisiana red crayfish" problem as well as the project actions aimed to solve it. Pianeta Zero ( and Giulio Kirkmajer are the company in charge to shoot the movie and the movie director, respectively. Several Rarity activities have been recorded already. One of these deals with the involvement of the Civil Defense which monitors and maintains river and lagoon banks. Banks can in fact be damaged and also collapse due to the presence of Procambarus clarkii. See notes about the event published online by the Civil Defense.


27-30 August 2012 IAA CONFERENCE Within the frame of the Conference of the International Association of Astacology which took place in Innsbruck (Austria) the RARITY project has been present with a small stand - which has been set up in the Conference Room - with its banner and dissemination materials available to participants. The RARITY staff acknowledges the IAA organizers for their kind availability and collaboration. See pic.


10-16 August 2012 FERRAGOSTO IN GIARDINO - FESTA DEI GAMBERI DI FIUME, CAPORIACCO (UDINE) (THE MID-AUGUST HOLIDAY IN THE GARDEN - THE CRAYFISH FEAST, CAPORIACCO, UDINE, ITALY) Within the frame ot the traditional "crayfish feast", organized every year by the "Trattoria Da Vico", Rarity information materials (banners and brochures) will be available to the public. Further info and details calling the phone nunber +39 0432.88.90.11, and reading the brochure of the event.


4-15 agosto 2012 48^ SAGRE D'AVOST E DAI GJAMBARS DI FLUM, CASTIONS DELLE MURA (UDINE) (48th FEAST OF AUGUST AND CRAYFISHES, CASTIONS DELLE MURA, UDINE, ITALY) Within the frame of the feast Rarity will be present with its own info-point and aquaria (during a few days only) where it will be possible to observe both the FVG native crayfish and the red swamp invasive crayfish alien species. More info and details here.


27-29 July 2012 SAGRA DEL GAMBERO, AMARO (UDINE) (FEAST OF THE CRAYFISH, AMARO, UDINE) Within the feast Rarity will be present with its own info-point and aquaria (where it will be possible to observe both the FVG native crayfish and the red swamp invasive crayfish alien species). More info and details at the page of the Pro Loco di Amaro.

13-17 July 2012 FEAST OF CRAYFISHES AND OF THE RURAL OVEN, REMANZACCO (UDINE) SAGRA DEI GAMBERI E DEL FORNO RURALE, REMANZACCO (UDINE) Within the feast of crayfishes Rarity will be present with its own info-point and aquaria (where it will be possible to observe both the FVG native crayfish and the red swamp invasive crayfish alien species).

12 July 2012 THE LOUISIANA RED SWAMP CRAYFISH AMONG GOURMET RECIPES AND PITFALLS TO THE ENVIRONMENT IL GAMBERO ROSSO TRA RICETTE PER GOURMET E INSIDIE PER L'AMBIENTE "Una specie aliena invasiva minaccia la sopravvivenza dei gamberi di fiume del Friuli Venezia Giulia" (An invasive alien species threatens the survival of Friuli Venezia Giulia crayfishes). Qualified speakers talk about the issue "red swamp crayfish". Public debate and tasting of crayfishes prepared by local restaurants according to traditional recipes will follow. The event is carried out by the Comune and Pro Loco of Remanzacco (Udine) within the frame of the "Feast of crayfishes and the rural oven", and will take place at the Nuova Area di Vicolo Italico, Remanzacco, h. 20:50.

3-7 June 2012 A FIRST GLIMPSE TOWARDS THE Procambarus clarkii TRANSCRIPTOME Poster submitted by Piero Giulianini et al. (UNITS) to the "The Crustacean Society summer meeting" of Athens (

3-7 June 2012 CRUSTACEAN HYPERGLYCEMIC HORMONE (CHH) AS A MODULATOR OF AGGRESSIVENESS IN DECAPOD CRUSTACEANS Paper work submitted by L. Aquiloni, P.G. Giulianini, A. Mosco, C. Guarnaccia & F. Gherardi to the "The Crustacean Society summer meeting" of Athens (


6 June 2012 CRAINAT MEETS RARITY AT THE AQUARIUM OF ARIIS Within the frame of the networking activities of the two projects Life Crainat and Life Rarity, a Crainat delegation ( has reciprocated the Rarity visit in Tignale (Brescia, Italy) of last 8 May 2012, spending a full day with the Rarity staff in Friuli Venezia Giulia. The meeting allowed for illustration of project activities of the two projects, and for useful interactions and discussion of several common issues. The day has consisted of both class presentations at the Aquarium of Ariis ( and visit to the ETP hatchery for the production of hatchery-reared juveniles of Austropotamobius pallipes in S. Vito al Tagliamento (Udine, Italy). See pictures of the meeting.


29 May 2012 THE LIFE RARITY PROJECT: TACKLING AN INVASIVE ALIEN CRAYFIH SPECIES WHICH THREATENS LOCAL BIODIVERSITY Presentation of the RARITY project to research scientists and students of the National Institute of Biology, Department of Freshwater and Terrestrial Ecosystems, Ljubljana, Slovenia. NIB facilities, 02:00 p.m.. See pictures of the meeting.

See brochure of the event.

26 May 2012 WATER FOR LIFE For the twentieth anniversary of the LIFE programme - financial instrument of the European Commission to support environmental and nature conservation - the Ente Tutela Pesca del FVG, the Comune di Rivignano, and the Servizio Caccia, Risorse Ittiche e Biodiversità of the Direzione Centrale Risorse Rurali, Agroalimentari e Forestali of the Region FVG, organize a day to illustrate three LIFE projects. These three projects take place in Ariis and Flambruzzo, Udine (LIFE+ ST.A.R.), in Flambro, Udine (LIFE+ FRIULI FENS), and in the whole Region Friuli Venezia Giulia (LIFE+ RARITY). During the event guided tours of some project sites and explanations about project actions and objectives will be carried out. From 10:00 to 13:00 it will also be available - at the Aquarium of Freshwater Species of FVG, in Ariis di Rivignano, Udine- an info-point to public managers and administratives and to other public subjects where qualified experts will provide news and information about the LIFE instrument and about other financial instruments for the environment (booking and details at:, tel. +39 0432.774.147).

See brochure of the event.
Programme of guided tours, shuttle schedule (free service) and map of sites.


25 May 2012 AMBIENTE, ENERGIA, SOSTENIBILITÀ NEI PROGETTI LIFE ITALIANI (ENVIRONMENT, ENERGY, SUSTAINABILITY IN THE ITALIAN LIFE PROJECTS) Celebratory day of the twentieth anniversary of the LIFE Programme. The University of Brescia organizes a working day to illustrate the Italian LIFE projects. RARITY will be present at the meeting. Dr Massimo Zanetti, from ETP, will bring advertising materials and will talk about project contents and objectives. Facoltà di Ingegneria, Università degli Studi di Brescia, Via Branze, 38 - 25123 Brescia. See the website.

See brochure of the event.


12 May 2012 BIODIVERSITY: TUTTE RUOTE DELLO STESSO INGRANAGGIO The young people from the "Associazione Giovanile Corsia d'Emergenza" organize a conference on biodiversity. During the conference Prof. Piero Giulianini, from UNITS, will talk about the Lousiana red swamp crayfish "problem" and will introduce the RARITY project. Centro Civico Polifunzionale, Gonars (Frazione Fauglis), Udine, h. 16:00.

See brochure of the event.


11 May 2012 THE LOUISIANA RED SWAMP CRAYFISH MEETS STUDENTS AT THE UNIVERSITY OF TRIESTE Prof Elisabetta Pizzul invited the RARITY staff to illustrate the project to the students of her course titled "biomonitoraggio delle acque dolci" (freshwaters' biomonitoring), Laurea Magistrale in Biologia Ambientale. During the meeting the problems connected to the presence of the alien species in FVG, the possible remediations, the activities and the objectives of RARITY will be fully explained and discussed. More info:


9 May 2012 THE LOUISIANA RED SWAMP CRAYFISH AT THE RADIO DIRECT BROADCAST "AD OCCHI APERTI" The radio direct broadcast by Radio RAI 1 FVG "Ad occhi aperti" (watchful eyes) gives hospitality to the RARITY project and to its related issues about aniaml and human health, and protection of nature and biodiversity. Wednesday, May 9, 2012 at 11:05, on the frequencies fm 94,9 of RAI Stereo 1 FVG.


8 May 2012 RARITY MEETS CRAINAT IN TIGNALE A Rarity delegation visits the Crainat ( facilities for holding and farming Austropotamobius pallipes, in Prabione di Tignale (Brescia, Italy), Garda Lake. See pictures and details.

17 aprile 2012 ALIENI A PASSO DI GAMBERO (ALIENS AT A CRAYFISH'S PACE) una specie americana invasiva minaccia la sopravvivenza dei gamberi di fiume di casa nostra (an alien crayfish invasive species threatens the survival of native craysfishes). Crayfishes belong to the traditions of Friuli Venezia Giulia (the little town of Amaro, Udine, for example has a crayfish in its own coat of arms), but they are now threatened by the arrival in the region of the Louisiana red swamp crayfish. The “Life RARITY” project aims to tackle its spread also by collaboration and help from institutions, associations and citizenship. These wiil be the issues discussed on next Tuesday 17 April 2012 at 18:00 at the Sezione Moderna of the Biblioteca Civica V. Joppi in Udine during the intrduction of “Life RARITY” to the city od Udine.

See communication to press.
See press article (Messaggero Veneto).

Academic Year 2011/2012 MASTER ON THE MANAGEMENT OF THE INVASIVE ALIEN SPECIES (STRIVE) The Department of Evolutionary Biology of the University of Florence (Italy), under the patronage of the Province of Florence and of the "Invasive Species Specialist Group" of the IUCN (, organizes a specilizing master course on the management of IAS. The master course, leaded by Prof. Francesa Gherardi, titles: "Strategies and methods to manage IAS", and is aimed to provide scientific tools and methodologies to tackle the problems associated to the presence of IAS. The announcement to participate to the master course gives explanations and information about the procedure to follow to apply. Subscriptions are submitted to selection candidates' titles, and subscription prices ranges between 800 and 1.000 euros. Application deadline is February 29, 2012. Have a look to the application form (fac-simile domanda).

See the announcement of participation to the master course.
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