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NEW RARITY ARTICLES BY THE UNITS AND UNIFI TEAMS The RARITY teams from the Universities of Trieste and Florence have published new important scientific articles on eminent international journals. You can find them at this page.

RARITY GRADUATION THESIS ATH THE UNIVERSITY OF UDINE With a graduation thesis entitled "Presence of alien species in Friuli Venezia Giulia: the case of the red swamp crayfish Procambarus clarkii (Girard, 1852). An example of a model for a management plan" Miriam Venier received his bachelor's degree in Environmental Sciences and Nature at the University of Udine. Starting from the analysis of biological invasions' phenomenon, the thesis - which has for Rapporteur Prof. Francesca Tulli and for Co-rapporteur Dr. Massimo Zanetti (RARITY project manager) - has studied what has been done within the RARITY project to contrast the spread of the red swamp crayfish, representing a possible management model for similar environmental problems. Congratulations to the newly graduated doctor ! The thesis can be read or downloaded at this page.

11 May 2017 RARITY PRESENTED AT THE ARTISTIC PROJECT LEVIATHAN BY SHEZAD DAWOOD Within the artistic project Leviathan and the collaborations between the artist Shezad Dawood and the Institute of Marine Sciences, from 11 to 14 May 2017 have taken placein Venice at the "Palazzina Canonica" in Riva Sette Martiri, a series of meetings on the great issues which the science has to deal with nowadays, from alien species to climate change, from pervasive modification of submarine seascapes to philosophical implications of Anthropocene, from extraordinary power of marine microbs to the role of oceanic waves. Talking about alien species (see the presentation summary) Tiziano Scovacricchi (ISMAR) showed as a prime example some living speciemens of the Louisiana red swamp crayfish (in aquarium) (kindly provided by Stefano Borella, director or the WWF Oasis Valle Averto) describing the work carried out within RARITY and taking from this work some significant examples about the proper management of alien species (see pictures). The artistic project Leviathan looks at some of the urgent issues of our time in dialogue with marine biologists, oceanographers, political scientists, neurologists and trauma specialists. It is also a ten-part film cycle directed by Shezad Dawood and inaugurated in Venice to coincide with the 57th Biennale of Art. It found room in the old ISMAR premise at the newly-restored Palazzina Canonica. Curated by Alfredo Cramerotti the project is presented by the Fondazione Querini Stampalia, ISMAR and Fortuny.

04 February 2016 "ALIENS AMONG US" AWARDED AMONG THE HORS CONCOURS SHORT FILM AT THE GEOFILMFESTIVAL OF CITTADELLA New RARITY evening (after the one of December the 3rd, 2015) at the GeoFilmFestival of Cittadella (Padua). On this new event Massimo Zanetti (CFR officer at ETP and RARITY project manager) has collected the Golden Heart prize, by the artist Roberto Marconato, for the RARITY movie Aliens among us, directed by Giulio Kirchmayr. The film, which participated to the GeoFilmFestival in the "hors concours” section, has been assigned the award with the following motivation: "A thorough and detailed study that highlights the major issues arising when humans change the environment". The award ceremony, coordinated by the organizer of the festival Rocco Cosentino, took place with the participation of artists and authorities on February the 4th, 2016 at a crowd Cinecentrum, Viale dell'Artigianato 4, Cittadella (Padua). View the pictures of the event.

03 December 2015 "ALIENS AMONG US" HORS CONCOURS SHORT FILM AT THE GEOFILMFESTIVAL OF CITTADELLA RARITY evening at the GeoFilmFestival of Cittadella (Padua, Italy). Massimo Zanetti (forest service, ETP and RARITY project manager) will open the event talking about the "Biological invasions and the protection of biodiversity". After his presentation it will be possible to vision the RARITY short movie "Aliens among us", directed by Giulio Kirchmayr (which will also participate to the event), and included in the "hors concours" section of the GeoFilmFestival. At the end of the movie a debate with answers and replies opened to audience will take place. Moreover, it will be possible to observe some live specimens of the Louisiana red swamp crayfish which will be brought to the event in a small equipped aquarium. Thursday 3 December 2015, at 20:45, in Villa Rina, Borgo Treviso, 3 - 35013 Cittadella (Padua). See the programme of the event (free entrance) and download the invitation to participate. Read the announcement of the event on the newspaper the Gazzettino and the magazine Passaparola and see the pictures of the evening.

20 November 2015 RARITY AT THE AUTUMN EVENINGS IN THE PARK RARITY has been presented at the event “Serate d’autunno nel Parco” (Autumn evenings in the park). Within the frame of the event organized by the "Parco Naturale Regionale delle Prealpi Giulie" on 20 November at Palazzo Orgnani-Martina in Venzone (Udine) Massimo Zanetti (RARITY project manager) gave a speech about the RARITY project and the initiatives for the protection of the river crayfish carried out by ETP. The speech has attracted the interest of the public who actively particpated in the meeting.

3 November 2015 RARITY AT THE CONFERENCE "L'UOMO TRA GLI ANIMALI" (MAN AMONG ANIMALS) Massimo Zanetti (RARITY project manager, ETP Udine) was invited in Ronchi dei Legionari (Gorizia) at a conference organized by the cultural association "Leali delle Notizie" on the relationship between man and animal. The conference was also attended by several experts, including the hunter Mark Buzziolo and the university researchers Stefano Filacorda and Cinzia Chiandetti, and was was introduced by the documentary film "Grizzly Man". The debate after the film extensively discussed the issue of the "biological invasions" and the presence of exotic species whose arrival and expansion are directly or indirectly caused by human behavior. As an example of good practices and management of the problem the activities carried out during the Life RARITY project dealing with the containment of the invasive Louisiana red swamp have been described. See the programme and pics of the event.

27 September 2015 RARITY AT THE NATURAL RESERVE OF THE CORNINO LAKE IN FORGARIA (UD) RARITY has been presented at the visiting centre of the "Riserva naturale regionale del lago di Cornino" in Forgaria (UD) within the frame of an awarness raising day about the invasive alien species. Visitors have been involved in talks and explanations dealing with the risk associated to the diffusion of animal and plant IAS. It has been also possible to observe alive IAS specimens, including the Louisiana red swamp crayfish, to listen to what it has been done by the ETP personnell and to get RARITY info materials. More than 350 persons have taken part in the info-day which has stimulated and attracted the attention of adults and kids. See the: brochure, pictures, and article by the "Messaggero Veneto" of 28/09/2015.

23-25 September 2015 RARITY AT THE INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON CONSERVATION OF EUROPEAN NATIVE FRESHWATER CRAYFISH Laura Aquiloni (UNIFI) is a member of the Scientific Committee and also an Invited Speaker at the important symposium taking place in Girona (Spain) on 23-25 September 2015. She will bring to the attention of the qualified audience the RARITY experience and results talking about the project success in applying effective procedures to contrast the diffusion of invasive alien crayfish species and to protect and enhance the native ones.

21 September 2015 RARITY AT THE ONB IN FLORENCE The RARITY team from the University of Florence participates with a group of teachers to the upgrading training addressed to biologists titled "Specie aliene invasive: biologia, ecologia, impatti, aspetti gestionali e normativi" which will be held on the 21 September at the Florence site of the "Ordine Nazionale dei Biologi" (ONB). Within the training Laura Aquiloni will give a class about the freshwater invasive alien species and will describe the RARITY project (and the LIFE programme) mentioning it as an example to effectively deal with the management of the problem. See the programme of the training.

11 September 2015 RARITY AT THE FEAST OF MUSHROOM AND ENVIRONMENT AT BUDOIA (PORDENONE) Within the conference organized by the Municipality of Budoia at the Feast of mushroom and envirnoment RARITY has been presented to citizens at the ex-social-dairy store of Budoia (PN). Crayfishes have been found along the "Rio Gor", a small water body crossing the Budoia territory toward Santa Lucia and Polcenigo. Along the small river banks a suggestive walk has been created and it became even more attractive thanks to the presence of crayfish in the water. Massimo Zanetti (ETP) participated to the conference dealing with the works about the walk (see the brochure) where he outlined the importance of crayfishes considering the cultural, environmental and regulatory aspects of the issue and proposed a summary of the activities for the protection of native crayfish species carried out by the European LIFE RARITY project. See the pictures of the event.

24-26 June 2015 RARITY AT THE SIE IN PARMA TheRARITY team from the University of Florence participated to the XXVI National Congress of the SIE (Italian Society of Ethology) (see the congress webpage) which has been held in Parma from 24 to 26 June 2015. The team presented the study work "Applicazione della SMRT per il controllo di Procambarus clarkii" by the authors Duse Masin M., Simi S., Balzi M., Faraoni P., Scapini F. & Aquiloni L. During the presentation the team also talked about the RARITY project, its partners, and the resultas achieved within the project by means of the SMR for the control of non-indigenous invasive crayfish species.

24-25 June 2015 RARITY AT THE FOOD EAST RESEARCH AND INNOVATION FORUM The "Food East research and innovation forum 2015" will take place in Udine at the auditorium of the Regione FVG in Via Sabbadini 31 on the 24 and 25 June. Massimo Zanetti (ETP - RARITY project manager) will talk about "The ways to deal with the problem of the red swamp. Examples of good practices in Friuli Venezia Giulia." (Come affrontare il problema gambero rosso. Esempi di buone pratiche in Friuli Venezia Giulia.) See the programme of the event and read the article published on page 7 of the July issue of the ETP Journal..


14 June 2015 RARITY AT THE GRAIN FESTIVAL (FESTA DEI CEREALI) IN POZZALIS DI RIVE D'ARCANO (PORDENONE) On June 14, 2015 the RARITY project has been presented at the Grain Festival (see the brochure) in Pozzalis di Rive D’Arcano (PN) where a walking along the "Torrente Patoc" was also scheduled. During the walk it was also scheduled the release of some individuals of the native species which was abundant in the river in the past. Unfortunately, a strong rain made the walk impossible but allowed for an exhaustive discussion about the RARITY project, and for showing crayfish specimens, giving information materials, analysing water parameters, and also liberating some breeders and a hundred juveniles of Austroportamobius pallipes produced in the ETP plant in San Vito al Tagliamento. The initiative has been successful and organizers of the festival asked for a RARITY repetition during next year event. See the pictures of the day.


20 May 2015 RARITY MEETS THE SCHOOL "ADA NEGRI" FROM UDINE The young students from the second classes of the primary school "Ada Negri" (Udine), have visited the ETP Aquarium in Ariis di Rivignano Teor (Udine). On 20 May 2015, Paola Zanutel, Giuseppe Adriano Moro and Massimo Zanetti (ETP staff) presented the RARITY project and illustrated the problems created by the presence of the Louisiana red swamp crayfish. They also talked about the techniques utilized to contrast the diffusion of this IAS and the biology of the different crayfish species in the Region Friuli Venezia Giulia. Kids could observe the crayfish very closely and exhibited curiosity and interest for the explained issues and for the problems associated to invasive alien species.

17 May 2015 OCCHIO ALL'ALIENO (WATCH OUT FOR THE ALIEN) On 17 May 2015 the Ente Tutela Pesca del FVG participated for the second time to the event Occhio all’alieno at the Casa delle Farfalle in Bordano (Udine). During the day promoted by the "Unione Italiana Giardini Zoologici e Acquari" (the Casa delle Farfalle belongs to this Union) and aimed to raise the awareness of citizens about the invasive alien species Massimo Zanetti (ETP) and Rossella Crescente (Casa delle Farfalle) talked about the risks associated to the introduction and holding of IAS. RARITY dissemination materials and an aquarium with the Louisiana red swamp crayfish and other alien species have been made visible to visitors which exhibited great interest for the initiative as it happened during its previous edition in 2013. See the pictures of the event.   

14 May 2015 ENDING THE RELEASE INTO THE NATURE OF NATIVE JUVENILES OF RIVER CRAYFISH The RARITY planned release operations of hatchery-reared river crayfish juveniles have ended. In the ETP hatchery plant in Amaro (Udine) some produced juveniles had been left waiting for the results of the aphanomycosis (crayfish plague) test carried out during the autumn 2014. Test results arrived later than expected and young crustaceans had to wait for the warm season to be liberated. Their release took place on 14 May 2015 into the "Torrente Uccea" within the Special Protection Area “Prealpi Giulie settentrionali”. Here 1,353 native specimens have been released thus ending the planned RARITY release programme. The total amount of native crayfish juveniles produced by ETP exceeded 35,000 units. Now the hatchery plant in Amaro will be closed and disinfected before being used again. The hatchery plant in S. Vito al Tagliamento (Pordenone) is regularly working on the production of Austropotamobius pallipes juveniles from the mountain area of Friuli Venezia Giulia. See the pictures of the release.


11 May 2015 THE LOUISIANA RED SWAMP HOSTED AGAIN AT THE RADIO BROADCAST "AD OCCHI APERTI" After the radio broadcast held on May 2012 the Radio RAI 1 FVG broadcast "Ad occhi aperti" again invites the RARITY project. The new episode goes on the air Monday 11 May 2015 at 11:14 a.m. onto the fm frequencies 94,9 of RAI Stereo 1 FVG. The broadcast has been recorded in Alesso (Udine) ath the "Torrente Palar" site, which is a true "sanctuary" of native river crayfishes. The 2015 episode has been skilfully curated by the journalist, programmer and director Massimo Gobessi from the regional RAI premise for the FVG region. Gobessi interviewed Giorgio De Luise (ETP consultant), Massimo Zanetti (ETP, RARITY project manager), Alberto Pallavicini (geneticist form UNITS, Department of Life Science), Amedeo Manfrin (IZSVe veterinarian) and Tiziano Scovacricchi (CNR-ISMAR technologist). See the pictures of the recording meeting and listen to the full broadcasting.

maggio 2015 RARITY E LA BROCHURE DELLA REGIONE PIEMONTE La Regione Piemonte ha pubblicato una brochure sul gambero rosso della Louisiana, i problemi associati alla sua presenza, le attenzioni da dare al problema e gli strumenti di citizen science per far partecipi i cittadini riguardo alla difesa della biodiversità. Risultato delle azioni di networking che hanno visto in passato collaborare proficuamente lo staff RARITY con enti, progetti e istituzioni, la brochure cita e dà ampio spazio al lavoro portato avanti con successo da RARITY stesso in Friuli Venezia Giulia.


28-29 April 2015 RARITY AT THE FIRST LOCAL EEI PROJECT MEETING On the 28 and 29 April in Alcalá la Real, Jaén (Andalucia, Spain), it took place the first meeting of the Local EEI project (The local administrations fight the alien invasive species). The project is leaded by the Provincial Council of Jaén and co-financed by the Arco Latino programme. The project aims to prevent the arrival and promote the eradication of invasive alien species (IAS) in the Arco Latino areas through the raising of the the citizens' awareness about IAS and their threat to biodiversity and the environment. During the meeeting partners discussed about the fulfilment of a study on IAS affecting the Arco Latino areas and the preparation of a training for local administration managers on the IAS issue and on the measures to be adopted to contrast or eradicate them. At the "Centro de rescate de anfibios y reptiles" Tiziano Scovacricchi and Loredana Alfarè, representatives of CNR-ISMAR have illustrated to the audience the obejectives and results achived by the Life RARITY project. Read the news of the meeting as published on the Arco Latino web page and have a look to the pictures of the meeting.

11-13 March 2015 RARITY AND THE RESULTS FROM THE GENETIC STUDIES CARRIED OUT BY UNITS AT THE WORKSHOP "BIODIVERSITY IN THE MEDITERRANEAN BASIN", SLOVENIA Victoria Bertucci, Piero Giulianini, Chiara Manfrin, Alberto Pallavicini and Federica Piazza, geneticists of the RARITY team from the Department of Life Sciences of the University of Trieste present the results of the genetic studies carried out within the frame of the project at the workshop on Mediterranean biodiversity which will be held in Koper, Slovenia, from 11 to 13 March 2015. Within the session dealing with freshwaters Chiara Manfrin and Victoria Bertucci respectively speak about "Biomonitoring invasive species: the case study of the red swamp crayfish in Friuli Venezia Giulia" and "Conservation genetics of Austropotamobius pallipes complex in FVG (NE Italy)".

March 2015 ETP JOURNAL: ARTICLE ABOUT RARITY The number of March 2015 of the ETP Journal "Pesca e Ambiente" (ETP bulletin about fish and the management of regional waters) edited by the Ente tutela pesca del FVG, publishes an article with pictures about the final conference of the Life RARITY project and an interview to the well-known meteorologist Luca Mercalli on the relations between the climate change and the biological invasions. Read the article at pages 4-6 of the ETP Journal.

26 February 2015 RARITY THESIS AT THE UNIVERSITY OF TRIESTE On February 26 2015 Irene Raffaello brilliantly got her degree in Environmental Biology at the University of Trieste with a thesis titled “Indagini ecologiche in alcuni siti di distribuzione di Austropotamobius pallipes in Friuli Venezia Giulia” (thesis supervisor Elisabetta Pizzul, co-supervisors Marco Bertoli and Piero Giulianini). Irene has collaborated for a long time with the RARITY project, following the operator teams in the field and helping them to collect data and to deal with the several project field activities. All the RARITY staff wishes to sincerely thanks Irene and to congratulate for her academic success !


19 February 2015 RARITY AT THE WORKSHOP ON THE MANAGEMENT OF THE ITALIAN-SLOVENIAN CROSS-BORDER AREAS Massimo Zanetti, RARITY project manager, has brought the project objectives and results to the attention of the "Workshop sulla gestione delle aree transfrontaliere italo-slovene. Natura 2000 nella nuova prospettiva finanziaria". See the programme of the event and the RARITY presentation.

30 January 2015 RARITY AT THE "CENTRO STUDI AMERICANI" AT THE PRESENCE OF THE AMBASSADOR DAVID LANE AND THE CNR PRESIDENT LUIGI NICOLAIS During the meeting titled "Road to Expo 2015: Water for Food Advanced technologies for sustainable fisheries", held in Rome at the "Centro Studi Americani", at the presence of the Ambassador David Lane (US Mission to the UN Agencies), the CNR President Luigi Nicolais and other Authorities (see the programme of the meeting), Fabio Trincardi, ISMAR Director and chairman of the conference, talked about ISMAR activities and briefly described the Life RARITY project offering to the public the "Layman Report", the "Manual for the PAs", the "Final Publication" and some DVD copies of the movie "Aliens among us". See the pictures of the event.