NOV 2011 - JUN 2012

Didattica per gli operatori (handbook)

Within the RARITY frame several workshops, seminars, meetings, and training activities focused on different target groups are scheduled. Among the above mentioned training activities, ten training courses are specifically addressed to ETP personnell: people from offices and fish farming plants, and particularly volunteer fish guards and fish collaborators. Some positions (depending on capacity of course locations, and on course crowding) will also be available to personnell of other administrations, such as the Civil Protection (personnell from the Corps of Forest Rangers cannot apply to these courses because the LIFE RARITY project will dedicate them training seminars during year 2012). RARITY considers very much important to train the above mentioned personnel, and particularly the ETP volunteers, because they know and are daily in touch with sport fishermen and the territory, representing a vehicle of primary importance for the dissemination of knowledge and information about the protecion of native crayfish species and the well aware fight against the Louisiana red swamp crayfish. Each of these courses consists of two classroom days, and of two field excursions, which take place from November 2011 to the first months 2012, and of a subsequent upgrade day to be held on January 2014. (171 applicants)

The first training course focused on reproduction and production of hatchery-reared juveniles of Austropotamobius pallipes; and were addressed to personnell directly involved in the management of devoted fish farming plants. Courses from number 2 to number 7 will more specifically deal with RARITY actions related to monitoring and trapping, and consequently to personnell which will work and collaborate to those particular RARITY actions and activities. Remaining courses (from 8 to 10) will address personnell more generically involved in RARITY actions (or not involved at all), and will provid less specific information or details..

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